Big Woolies

This gurl found an excellent pair of men's wool socks at the thrift and thought they'd look super duper cutie-rif-ic if they had a croshayed edge to 'em.

Now, I'm not expectin' a burly man to wear 'em-- nosiree.  
These are meant for moi to wear 'round the cottage durin' these chilly evenings.

I used a 2mm hook and some of my new fave vintage cotton yarn called  Coquette by Susan Crawford that the nice postal lady delivered to my stoop the other day.  

It's such a wonderful yarn to croshay with.  
I simply inserted my hook along the stitches at the top o' the sock and made some single croshays for a coupla rows.  

After I joined the third row, I made one sc, then chained 5 while skippin' 3 sts.  Then did 3 sc in the next 3 sts  and repeated all that from the ch 5 to the end.  On the next row, I did one sc after joinin' then 7dc in the ch3 loop from the previous row.  Then I chained 1, sc in the 2nd st of the three sc from the previous row and then another ch 1, and repeatin' all that to the end of the row.  
Whew.  I know.  It's gibberish to some, but you could pick any croshayed edgin' to finish yers.

Me likey my new big slouchy woolies.   
This gurl is thinkin' there are many other pairs in thy sock drawer that need pretty croshayed edgin'.

Ooo, they'd look wonderful poppin outta the top o' my boots!