The Up Croshayed Heart

This gurl has been busy switchin' round stuff in the cottage.  
I thought I'd show you a picture of my lil' breakfast spot.   

I had some vintage contact paper and thought it'd look adorable as a backing in my lil' knick knack nook.  
I'm not quite sure why there is a shelf in the cottage of such strange dimensions as it seems outta place and odd.  
It appears to have only one use -- for knick knacks.  
So, the knick knack nook it shall be.

   I'm most proud of my croshayed heart with a tiny ceramic house danglin' on the bottom.  
It reminded me of one of my fave movies UP.  
It was gonna be a Christmas gift, but I've decided I'm gonna keep it for myself.

That's usually how things go sometimes right?