Fluffy Puffy Pink Heart Pillow

This gurl was inspired to make a fluffy pink heart pillow after seein' this.

However, since I've given up the needles in honor of the hook, I decided I'd croshay mine instead.

I used this pattern and increased it on the sides to the size I wanted.  
I made two flat heart shapes and single croshayed them together.  
Then I stuffed it!  

I used Red Heart Buttercup (the fluffy stuff in Ballerina pink) and Vanna's Choice held together.  
The fluffy stuff is much easier to work with if ya have another yarn.  
You'll need to 'feel' your way as you go along because it's really hard to see your stitches--but there's the bonus because you can hide your mistakes easily.

Hope ya have a crafty' weekend!

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