A Rib Tickler & Happy Mail!

This gurl found a vintage pattern book at the thrifts and just had to try makin' one of these retro 70's vests.  
Talk about a flashback.  
My great grandmother made me one when I was about ten years old and I still have it.

I decided to keep it simple and opted not to include the picot edging.
I used this yarn which is now becoming one of my faves.

I know it's summer but it's still cool 'round these parts.

 I think it will look cute with a short sleeve tee and denim skirt AND these!

The delivery man brought me some happy mail this morning!

They're so cute and comfortable and I'm lookin' forward to wearin' 'em 

IF it ever gets nice enough!

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Charlotte Huffman said...

Believe it or not, this exact pattern is what got me to learn to crochet! I think I still have this pattern.