Crocheted Pom Pom Edging

This gurl's hook has been super duper busy!

I thrifted these scarves and decided the grungy fringe had to go.

What better than pom poms?  

I used a 2mm hook and single croshayed around the edge.  

Then I started makin' the pom edging Ms. Once Upon A Pink Moon taught me.

I'm thinkin' of usin' baker's twine yarn and croshayin' poms on dish towels next.

Hope ya have a hooky weekend!  


Rebecca Clayton said...

That is adorable! Thanks for the idea!!!

Simone said...

Very pretty. ..I have to try this

Anonymous said...

Super cute! Love, Esther

Brigitte Peetermans said...

Wow! Good going!
I am a fan of those shawls, have lots of them, but none with pompons!


Robin Sanchez said...

Love your pom-pom edged scarves. Thanks for sharing my pattern!