Croshayed Coin Purses

Quite a while ago, this gurl purchased a bunch of coin purse frames with gumball closures.

I do find coin purse frames a bit fiddly to work with and avoided them as I never could get the purse portion to fit correctly.

With Mother's Day approaching, I dug 'em out and determined lil' croshayed coin purses were the perfect gift.  

I stitched up a swatch and was quite pleased with myself that it actually fit.  
So, I made another one and I'm sure there will be more.  

Could it actually be true? 
Warmer weather is headed my way in time for my birthday!
Yes!  Yippee!

I thrifted a vintage croshay book and found this pattern for a strawberry potholder.  
I certainly won't be using it as it's intended because it's just to beautiful to get dirty.

I'll hafta add one of those lil' white rings so I can hang it in my breakfast nook.

I also finished a croshayed dress this past week.  
One of my biggest hair pulling projects evah!

Have you ever had one of those?

I hate it when that happens.

Hope ya have a crafty croshay filled weekend!  

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