Croshayin' for the wee one....

This gurl has been design' lil hats and frocks for the wee one due in September.  

Can you tell I'm hopin' it's a gurl?

And, a blog post isn't a blog post unless I include a picture of my Easter Bubby!
He loves chocolate eggs!

Have a crafty weekend!

Seriously. Don't Drink & Drive.

A picture CAN really be worth a thousand words.

This gurl is kinda shaken but writing about it helps.

About 8pm last night, I was gleefully croshaying a rabbit for Easter when I heard a BOOM, then metal scraping on pavement and then the power went out.

I ran outside and heard a man screaming 'Help me!"  
I scrambled for my phone and called 911, all the while running to the scene just yards from my front door and telling the dispatcher what just occurred.  

I couldn't believe what I saw.  

The power pole was literally broken in half and the electrical lines laid over the top of an overturned truck.  
A man was trapped inside pleading for help.  

I kept telling him that I called 911 and he kept begging me not to.

I thought, 

'Too late dude.  You just took out a powerline, cable tv and internet for miles.  
If you have super human powers and can turn back time, I'd do it now.  
Be Brave.  Accept Responsibility.'

Miraculously, he crawled out of the back of the cab with hardly a scratch but was clearly intoxicated.

Within minutes, there were 6 ambulances and 2 sheriffs on the scene.

He tried to run, but a neighbor subdued him.
Clearly, this guy was in BIG trouble.

You get the gist.

Luckily, there wasn't anyone else in the cab with him 
and no one was running or walking on the road.

He's lucky to be alive.

So are a lot of other people.