I Heart Headbands!

This project is entirely sourced at the $Tree.
Glitter Heart Headbands!  YAY!

You'll Need:
1 package of Table Scatter foam hearts
1 package elastic headbands. I used the ones without the metal clip on the seam
1 tube Super Glue.  
This glue will flex with the elastic headband yet keep the hearts in place.
I also bought a package of glitter foam sheets so I could cut out my own shapes.

Find the seam of the headband.  With the headband placed on a work surface, spread some glue on the back of one large heart and attach it to the seam of the headband.  You'll want to flip it upside down with the glue facing you so it doesn't get stuck to anything.  You'll also need to use something to hold down each side of the headband, like a coffee cup, so the headband doesn't move or try to flip over.  
Let the glue dry and then attach another heart.  
Continue attaching as many hearts as you wish!  

Because I have naturally curly hair, the little hearts didn't show up as well.  I decided I needed ONE BIG HEART!  I cut my own out of the glitter foam and then attached it as described above.

Oh, I couldn't stop with just hearts!  There happened to be a sheet of pink glitter foam in the package and I decided I needed a birthday crown this year!  I drew wonky stars on the backside of the foam and then cut them out.  One star for every decade.  ARGH!

There's still a young girl inside!  :)



Heather - Dollarstorecrafts.com said...

Aww, cute! I picked up some headbands & feathers with thoughts of turning them into fascinator-ish headpieces. Still haven't gotten around to it yet, though!

Maize Hutton said...

heh heh! Funny, I did the same but I was trying to make a Black Swan one. :)