The $2 Crocheted Cloche~My First Hat Pattern!!!

This is my very first crocheted hat pattern!  WOO HOO!  

I made myself an extra challenge of making it from two skeins of yarn from the $Tree.  
So, the total cost of this baby is $2 bucks!

The hat is made using two strands of yarn together.  

Note:  I recently croshayed this up using Lamb's Pride Bulky.  I added one row of TC after row 5.  Then, I deleted one brim row and ended with SCs all around.  

Here's the pattern:

Using 2 strands of yarn, chain 4, join to make circle with st st in 1st chain.

Row 1:  Chain 2 (counts as 1st DC) 12 DC in circle, join with sl st on 2nd chain in 1st DC (13)

Row 2:  Chain 3 (counts as 1st TC)  TC in same chain as chain 3.  2 TC in each DC to end, join with sl st at top of 3rd chain on 1st TC (26)

Row 3:  Chain 3 (counts as 1st TC) TC in same chain as chain 3.  2 TC in next chain, *1 TC in following chain, 2 TC in following chain*   repeat from *to* to end.  Join row with sl st in 3rd chain of 1st TC (39)

Row 4:  Chain 3 (counts as 1st TC) 1 TC in each chain to end.   Join with sl st in 3rd ch of 1st TC (39)

Row 5:  Repeat Row 4 (39)

Row 6:  Chain 2 (counts as 1st DC) DC in each TC to end.  Join with sl st in 2nd chain of 1st DC.  (39)

Row 7:  Chain 1 (counts as 1st SC)  SC in each DC to end.  Join with sl st in 1st chain (39)

Row 8 (making the brim):  Chain 1 sc in next 10 SC.  1 DC in next chain, *2 DC in following chain, 1 DC in following chain*  Repeat from *to* for 19 ch.  SC in next 9 ch, Join with sl st to end row. (49)

Row 9:  Chain 1, SC in next 10.  1 DC in next ch, *2 DC in following chain, 1 DC in following chain*  Repeat from *to* for 28 ch, SC remaining 9 ch.  Join with sl st to end row. (63)

Row 10:  Chain 1, SC in next 10 ch.  1 DC in next ch, *2 dc in following chain, 1 DC in following chain* Repeat from *to* for 42 ch.  Sc in remaining 9 ch.  Join with sl st to end row. (84)

Row 11:  Chain 1, SC in each ch to end.  Sl st to first sc.  Fasten off.  Weave in ends. (84)

Line Detail:  Use scrap yarn.  Starting in the back seam, SC around stem (in hole) then chain 1, repeat to end.  Fasten off.  Weave in ends.

There are many flower patterns on the web if you'd like to embellish it with a flower like I did.


Please do not sell or commercially distribute my pattern.  
I worked very hard on this and would appreciate the ability to keep it free for everyone.    
I don't mind if you make and sell these online, but please link back to the pattern and indicate it is a free pattern if you do sell them.  
Thank you for your consideration.


Kris said...

What a darling hat. I will try it out. I didn't know the dollar tree had yarn. Sheesh!!

Esther Sunday said...

You rock, Maize!

Unknown said...

Hi Maise,
this is simple and beautiful pattern. i'll try it later and when i'll add it to my blog, i'll write the link to your blog-pattern. thank you. i hope you'll visit my blog :
and my flickr to 2011 (see my profile for more of my galleries):

becsta457639 said...

Thanks for this!

If you love craft and being creative I think you will LOVVEEE the SILHOUETTE SD I recently got given one from my parents for Christmas! It is amazing! You should really look into it!

Thanks again,

Sara said...

Hi Maize. Thanks for sending me this link! I really like this pattern. I can't believe you made this for $2!!! So cool. I have been browsing around your blog today and noticed all the fun things I have been missing. I must become a follower. I would love to share this pattern at Tangled Happy the week following Valentines. Would that be okay? Thanks so much for sharing this! :)

Aisyah Helga said...

Wow! That is a really nice & easy hat! Thanks for sharing :)
BTW I found you thru tangled happy

Marion said...

Dear Maize,

thank you so much for sharing this beautiful pattern with all of us!
Your Blog are wonderful...i am now a follower...
Send you many, many Greetings and wish you a nice Week,


Flower Girl Cotttage said...

Ok...You are Officailly AWESOME ! thnak you for sharing this pattern I cannot wait to try it ! I would like to link this post to my blog & PS I LOVE your blog

Paula said...

Such a cute, cute hat! Thanks for sharing the pattern ~ very kind of you and totally appreciate all of your talents and efforts. I came across this thru a link from Tangled Happy!