My Granny Gate

Once upon a time, this gurl lived in a 1910 brick walk up.  
In the back was a cobblestone alley and a neglected patch of dirt.

After hauling in a few truckloads of good soil, constructing chicken wire walls and picking large flat heart shape rocks, the 'Hope Garden' was born.

This gate was rescued from a dumpster for the garden and has followed me to my cottage. 

Now, I did not set out to granny the gate.  Nosiree.  My pile of practice grannies was staring at me from across the room.  'Should throw these out in the trees for the birds' was one thought.  'They could use them for nest making or maybe a squirrel would use one as a blanky, if squirrels actually used blankys.'  I can see it now, a little squirrel cuddled up and covered with a granny square in an Altoid tin.

 As I walked outside I realized I could just tie the grannys onto my gate!  
Yes, that's where they should live.  

I tied them willy nilly without a thought as to their positioning.   

When I was through with the gate, a tree limb got bombed and a lace corset was tied to a trunk.

She thinks the world would be a better place if we yarn bombed instead.

I'm Violet Hutton and I approve this message.