I love old pictures...

I love going through old pictures. They make me smile and remember a better time in life. What a bunch of cute kids. You can now tell where and when the posey started. Those are my two little brothers and my mom. We're at my grandma's house for a visit. My middle brother is a 20 year vet in the Air Force proudly serving his country as we speak. The youngest is an RN working in a cardiac care unit and has two very cute kids!

Wish I could go back to those days and enjoy life as a kid again. I wasn't afraid. I could walk to a friend's house in the dark without worrying someone would kidnap me. We could ride motorcycles in the field across from our house without the police stopping us. The local grocer knew your name when you came in to buy candy. That was when we felt we were truly free. It was a good time and I felt safe.

Can't say that I do now.

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