Here he is....Itty Bitty Gus!

As promised, here's Itty Bitty Gus! He'll be going up in the boutique this weekend. This one is named after my friend's fat cat Gus.

Well, Old Navy opened up in our little town yesterday and of course, my son decided we had to start back to school shopping there. Actually, it really wasn't too bad. Three stores and three hours later we were done! Guys are easy to shop with. He knew exactly what he wanted and we were in out out in no time so it wasn't very agonizing.

Here's a fun site with Monopoly cards you'd like to see in the deck. I like "You've won 2nd prize in a beauty contest. Next year sleep with more judges!" HA!


michelle said...

"gus" is so cute!

Anonymous said...

I have a question about you absolutely need a kiln?

Maize said...

To answer the question regarding a kiln, no. You can use a butane torch and fire in 10 minutes, but use the PMC+ product. You can find what you need online at Fire Mountain Gems or Rio Grande.

Good Luck!