My Big Fat Knitting Tote!

I woke up yesterday morning wanting to sew myself a new knitting tote. I had a vintage chenille bedspread that's been sitting around waiting for me to cut up. It became the outside of my bag.

In my material stash, I had some great leftover yardage I cut when I shortened a pair of Ikea curtains. This would become the lining. Then, of course, the felt! I cut everything without a pattern. I wanted something big and boy is it ever! I grappled with adding the lettering, but since it's a knitting tote, I felt KNIT was appropriate. I can always cut the letters off if I decide to later. On that same side I have slots for my needles. On the other side, each felt pocket has one of my handfelted beads sewn onto it. There's a pocket for circular needles, scissors and my Ipod. The inside has another pocket for kleenex and lip balm and I also included a small loop for my yarn so when it's in my bag it doesn't get tangled up with everything else when I'm knitting.


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Anonymous said...

This is a great tote! I knit and sew and this has inspired me to make one myself! The loop inside for the yarn is really clever!! Great job!