I've been on a sewing binge!

Whew! My family made it through my marathon sewing session this past weekend. I had chenille and pink fur all over the place! Note to self--cut fur material OUTSIDE of the house.

But....my sewing binge resulted in some pretty cool creations. I found this pink fur on sale at Joann's and armed with my 40% off coupon, I purchased a 27x27 pillow form and some pink velcro. It can be difficult to sew because the fur can get stuck in the foot of the machine but it's worth it.
This thing is HUGE and oh so SOFT! I makes me happy and can't wait to take a nap with it.

I also completed a big fat knitting needle roll and a big fat crochet needle roll. I'll post pictures of those on Wednesday.

While I was struggling with straight pins during my sewing binge, I came up with a new DIY project which will be posted later this week. Sometimes creativity comes out of need. Interesting how that works!

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