Wisdom from a Raisin Box

A lot of us grew up with these little boxes in our sack lunch. As we got older, we stopped eating them. Not me. I've noticed that the little boxes now have sayings on them.

Here are a few:
Magic is in the air, breathe deeply.
Courage is starting the race with no end in sight.
Both our buddies and our enemies can teach us about life.
The more you do the more you learn.
You are more precious than all the stars above.
A true friend will be honest with you.
Dazzle the world, be yourself.
Do your homework first, play later.

I'm thinking it would be fun to make a square pendant with some of these sayings. If you click on the logo above, it will take you to Sun Maid's home page. They have lots of recipes and info about raisins.

I know... I'm weird--so go eat a little box of raisins and take yourself back in time.

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