How Tweet! A new birdie in the boutique...

Look what hatched in the boutique! Isn't it tweet?

Little birdie will be up shortly. I also have the chopstick knitting needle sets stocked in the boutique. They make great Christmas gifts! They're in the felt creations section for $18 a set. You get the needles, felt case -- which snaps shut and a yarnball recycled silver stitch marker. What a deal!

I'm off to Seattle this afternoon. My husband Buck has a company dinner we must go to. It's one of those dinner cruises. I always feel like a hostage on those things. Being stuck on a boat with a bunch of strangers isn't my idea of fun. But, he reserved a hotel room and promised to take me shopping all day Friday, so I had to concede! I'll take pics of what's going on in the city and share them with you. I know that Macy's lit their CHRISTMAS tree last week, so I'll get a good shot of it.

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