Lucky U!

A fellow indie artist asked me to make this pendant for her. I finished it long ago, but I was tired of the typical chain to hang it from and had discovered a new product out on the market that I wanted to try.

While reading a bead magazine, I noticed a company named Soft Flex was promoting .925 wire. It's sterling silver wire encased in a coating which won't tarnish. I wanted some right away and tried to order from their website. BUT...the company could not foresee the demand. Their website stated that they were only selling to bead stores. I called my local bead store but they didn't have any and were not planning on selling it. I begged Soft Flex to sell me some, but they refused to do so until their beadshops were stocked.

So...I did an extensive websearch and finally found an online shop and ordered 5 rolls of the stuff. WHEW! But I love it. It's really cool and now I notice other companies like Beadalon coming out with something similar. Figures.

It's her Christmas gift so she can't peek!


mannie said...

Oh my god! Oh my god! oh my god!!! That is the BEST horseshoe necklace! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Really, Miss Maize, you have certainly outdone yourself! And the chain is fantastic! I'm just in awe...

donna said...

THAT is ONE "LUCKY" gal... to get that necklace. It turned out awesome!!!

Way to go!