Yes, I raced sled dogs in Alaska...

I've been receiving e-mails asking about my racing dogs in Alaska. Yep. It's true. In fact, I have proof. See this article? The person in the hot pink winter duds in the lower right hand side of this picture is Maize and I won 3rd place in the Exxon Open in Anchorage Alaska! Nice form huh? It's hard to explain the feeling of being pulled by dogs around a track of snow. It's really weird to do and is fun and addicting at the same time. My daughter won the Jr. World Championship race starting at age 4 until she was 6 and was featured in Sports Illustrated's "Faces in the Crowd." We managed to live in Alaska for 8 years, through a volcano eruption and very harsh winters.

I was intrigued with Alaska when my biology teacher in college showed us slides of the Great Alaska pipeline. He had walked every inch of the pipeline, before it was built, to ensure it didn't hurt the environment or wildlife. I admired him so much and yearned to discover Alaska. I ended up living in Anchorage just 5 years later.

I'm a dog lover--in fact--I like them more than some people and if you're not educated about sled dog racing, you'll automatically think that the dogs are harmed in some way. It couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, our dogs were some of the most well fed, loved dogs on the planet and they knew it. They loved to run (just like any marathon runner) and were showered with praise all through the race, even when we lost. They wanted to be rewarded with love and affection for their own desire to run and boy did they get it! What could be better?

So...I share this about myself with you.

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