Our Christmas Tree

Since we're heading to Baja on Jan. 3rd, I decided the theme of our Christmas was Sun & Surf. I stuffed my kid's stockings with sun screen, flip flops, sunglasses, and an Ipod shuffle. We're having margaritas and Mexican food for our Christmas dinner.

At the last minute, I decided I wanted to get a blow up palm tree to put our gifts under. I found one at Party Time and it even had lights, but I was a cheap scrooge when I discovered they wanted $60 for it.

So, my daughter, being the crafty devil she is, designed this palm tree for us. She took the inside of a roll of gift wrap and used it for the trunk. Then wrapped some green ribbon and little pink ornaments around it. She cut the palm tree leaves out of green paper and topped it off with a little hula girl for the angel.


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