Get Knitty Wit It!

Some of you who are addicted to knitting know of Knitty's site. But, if you're new to the craft, you must check it out. Knitty has free funky patterns that are submitted by knitting artists. I thought these little wrist warmers were incredible!

I'm getting Baja fever. All I can think about is sitting on a beach and doing NOTHING even though I'm bringing a project along with me (jeans & embroidery thread) my journal, sketch pad, black sharpies, and water color pencils --doesn't EXACTLY mean I be doing NOTHING. It's hard for me to sit still with so much in my brain that needs to get out.

Of course, my camera will be with me so I hope to be getting a lot of great shots of NOTHING--whatever that may be at any given moment. making me wait, it's keeping me way--a--a--a--ating...........

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