New DIY Sneek Peek!

While I was flipping through a fashion magazine (I think it was Bazaar) I saw this beaded link necklace and thought "I can do that!"

This is an easy project even for a beading beginner but the results make it look very complicated. I'll be posting the DIY this week! As you can tell, my beaded links aren't as long as the one in the picture. This is a project which you can design and change the size of the links if you wish. I made mine rather long so I could just put it over my head, but you could also make it shorter and attach a clasp. I suspect this is going to be one of those necklaces that you'll see a lot of different versions of this year.


Franki said...

Very Cool! Can't wait to see your DIY tutorial! This will be a great gift idea...and of course, I will have to make one for myself!
Thanks, Maize! You are always inspiring!

CLMama said...

Oh I am so psyched for the tutorial! I am dying to work on a beading project right now - that one looks tough, but I trust you!