Embroidery Fashion EVERYWHERE I LOOK!

While I was in Cabo, I spied this great corduroy jacket that was embroidered on the collars, sleeve and back. I had to have it! I love it and my daughter bought one just like it but in brown.

Walmart's selling these embroidered tops in a bunch of different colors for $10.

Mossimo for Target designed this (obviously indie inspired) short sleeved sweater with a bird on the front. It comes in different colors also and I nabbed this black one for $20.

So, there's my embroidered jeans, jacket, top and sweater. A complete outfit! Just don't wear them all at once or you'll look like a circus performer! They look best worn with jeans or a jean skirt and boots.

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Wendy said...

I love your coin purses a couple posts back! It is so cute!

You commented on my Girlfriend Swing Coat Sweater a couple days ago. I don't have the same thing for adults, but have had a lot of requests, so I just may try to do it!

I love your embroidery, too!