My new toy!

Sorry it's been most of the day for me to post. Blogger has been experiencing tons of problems lately. Very irritating.

Anyway, looky what I got! It's nothing more than a glorified wood burning tool, but the tips are pretty cool. One particular tip I'm excited about is the trowel point which will help pressing seams. There's also a transfer point which I can use to iron laser printed images onto fabric. No need for transfer paper. I can also use this to emboss velvet. I can't wait! just want to know who won yesterday's goodies.

Ashley in Virginia!

And for those of you who live outside of the United States, YEP! If I draw your name I'll send it to you via Global Priority Mail.

I have a lot more pouches to give away and tons of jewelry. So keep tuning in. Tell your friends!

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ashley said...

Eee! Oh my goodness, how excited am I? I never win anything! Thank you so much, dear, I can't wait to get it.