Easter goodies...

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Right up there with Christmas. I guess I like Easter because it occurs during Spring. The bulbs are blooming and the birds are singing. Everything feels new.

When I was young, we'd travel on the train to see our grandparents a few hours away. My brothers and I would fight over who got to sleep on the cot in the extra bedroom. As I got older, I refused to sleep on something so uncomfortable and preferred the feather bed instead! For some reason we thought the cot was "cool."

My mother sewed us a new Easter outfit every year and my brothers were always dressed like twins since they're only 18 months apart.

Our bounty would be at the end of our bed when we awoke on Easter morning. Usually a new wallet, candy or basket. Then, we'd have our own Easter egg hunt and Grandma always had Easter goodies for everyone. My favorite was the popcorn bunny and chocolate eggs.

Then there was the church Easter egg hunt to look forward to. We were given little baskets made out of strawberry containers and pipe cleaners to carry our eggs in. Whoever thought these baskets were sturdy enough to carry a bunch of eggs was crazy. It never failed that one of us would spill eggs everywhere.

Humm. I've got some old Easter pics somewhere. I'll have to dig those out to share with you.

Oh, the bunnies and chick are from Michael's--in case you're wondering. So sweet!

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