A new brooch

Is it brooch or broach? How about pin?!

I've never made a brooch (the way I spell it) before and had this idea after seeing some made out of fabric and felt. On my next one I'm going to make the "pin" portion different. I'm not convinced the wire will undergo opening and closing very much. I thought of using a commercial pinback but I like the handmade look of it.

I used a patina of Liver of Sulpher to finish it. Stinky stuff but the colors you can achieve are pretty cool! You'd think this piece was copper instead of silver. If you practice enough, you can get a golden glow--so well in fact that you'd be convinced the piece could actually be gold.

Aw, who cares.... You just wanna know who won yesterday's giveaway!

Julie in Cincinnati!

Yeah Julie! I have a bunch more of these felt pouches to give away along with some jewelry, so we'll be doing this on a weekly basis until it's all gone!

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