Well, after the last couple of strange days I've had here in blogland, I received this in the mail yesterday! It made my day! I think it's adorable.

This comes from my new friend Alicia in Portland who owns a store and a website. She's also a fellow blogger and has a blog called Posie gets Cozy. Alicia's extremely talented and makes beautiful handbags, aprons, you name it! Go and visit her site. You'll instantly fall in love with everything there.

I feel honored to receive one of her collages that she made a limited amount of. Now, this is a good example of a thoughtful and considerate person who has great manners!


Sew-Thrifty! said...

Neat-o! Love the cute buttons and the "M"! Lucky girl!!

bowiechick said...

Thanks for the great blog and links to other creative people. You inspire me and make want to lock myself up in a room with my sewing machine!

The links are wonderful.

Maize said...

I didn't know that was an option until a few days ago and that's exactly what I did.

Thanks Angel.