I'm crafting Japanese, oh yes I'm crafting Japanese...

I really think so!

I saw this bag on a Japanese site so I decided to make one like it.
I had some duck cloth that I purchased from St. V's, some leftover material from curtains and blue ticking. I drew a pattern on some packing paper, then cut out the pieces.

This is the bag before it went into the washer.

Here it is after it was run through the dryer.

And here it is filled with my new Japanese craft books. Even though I didn't get the applique right (it's a bit wrinkled on one leaf there) I LOVE THIS BAG!

I'm addicted to Japanese crafts now. I spent yesterday in the city and decided to stop off at Uwijimaya in the International District. I spent an hour in the craft section of the bookstore and come home with five books!

I adore what the designers in Japan are coming up with so you'll be seeing a lot more completed projects!


claudia@roeven.com said...

Happy Easter!!
Great bag, and am I right that you have bought the Piu Sudo book?
Funny, I got the same, love it... shopping in japanese bookshops..... Here in the Netherlands it's hard to find japanese craftbooks.....
Keep crafting..

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Stunning bag!

beki said...

Your bag looks great! I love Japanese crafty books too. It took me a while to come around to them, but once I got my hands on one I understoon what all the hype was about. You're lucky to have a shop to go to, as I have to order mine online, which isn't always the easiest thing!