New DIY for Spring!

You'll probably have a bit of a caffeine buzz after you complete this DIY project but it's a fun one nonetheless.

These are Starbucks Frappuccino bottles. I simply spray painted them white then painted on the words. Directions are here. How did that peep make it in the photo?! They're taking over my studio!


Mel said...

I just read your comment on Alicia's blog about growing up in Montana, and boy, do you speak the truth. I grew up there too, and when I tell people that, some of the looks I get are just strange. It's funny, people either LOVE Montana or they just don't get it at all.

And your little peeps are adorable!

Sonja said...

Oh my goodness, your friend is going to squeal with glee! What a pal to make that treasure for her. P.S.Thanks for the Peep tutorial!

Anonymous said...

You're something else!!! I always LOVED those darned Starbucks bottles, but could never think of ideas for them!! Now help me think of ideas for those International Coffee tins I can't seem to throw away!!!!