The cupcake charms!

Here's a partial pile of my recycled silver cupcake cell phone charms that I'll be giving away next Tuesday in celebration of my birthday week which starts on Mother's Day!

Speaking of Mother's Day. I know some of you are aware of my other biz Mommy Tags and I normally don't talk about them here, but this is exciting news! They were just published in the June/July issue of Child magazine featuring Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner's tags--and baby Violet's Tot Tags too! I haven't actually seen a copy yet, but if someone does, let me know how it looks. I should be receiving a few copies shortly. And don't forget to remember your mom on Mother's Day--whether it be with flowers, a card, something handcrafted or just a hug.

Only 5 of you took me up on my Love Letter giveaway yesterday. I have 5 left so if you want one, email me at with your shipping info. I spread the love overseas too. If no one nabs them I'm sending them off to Crafters for Critters.

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CLMama said...

Maize - I just read "Child" the other night and noticed the blurb - talk about cool - I was laying in bed and said to my husband, "Check it out, these are my Mommy tags!" LOL I love the tags; they are adorable, so I am not surprised you are getting hot press on them! Way to go!