Happy Mother's Day!

This is me and GG. She came to America through Ellis Island (I had her name engraved on a pillar there) from Norway when she was 21. She worked her way across the United States and ended up in Nome Alaska doing laundry in the camps during the gold rush. While she was in Nome, she heard the government was giving away land in Montana. She promptly left and homesteaded 100 acres in eastern Montana. She didn't marry until she was 28 and was considered an "old maid" because of it. She had 7 children (3 girls & 4 boys) and delivered all but one by herself. My grandma remembers her saying "Anna, go get the scissors" so she could cut the umbilical cord when her brother was born.

All four of her sons served in WWII at the same time and all returned safely. She was a short, portly woman who would embrace you, kiss both sides of your face and pinch your cheeks. GG always had some yummy dessert and a bottle of soda waiting for me. She spoke English very well albeit with a Norwegian accent, and wrote pretty well too as she taught herself. She loved to knit and crochet and I still have a vest, hat and shawl she made for me. She lived to be 100 years and 3 weeks old. I was lucky enough to get a 5 generation picture taken of her, my grandmother, my mother, myself and my daughter before she passed away. I get my sense of adventure and mental toughness from her. I can still feel her presence. I loved her dearly and miss her a lot.

This is me and my grandma. I have those glasses she's wearing! She's 90 now and living in a retirement home in Montana. We always traveled by train to her house every year at Easter. She always smiles and laughs! I've never ever seen her get angry at anyone. She has a certain naivete' about her that I admire and my daughter inherited.

When I visited, I'd clean out her jewelry box and put on every piece of costume jewelry she had. My grandfather called me Diamond Lil' because I'd prance around the house with all her jewelry on. I developed my love of jewelry and beading from her.

After my grandfather died, she got her ears pierced twice, bought some high heeled boots and started to go dancing four nights a week. She loves to gossip and tell me what my cousins are up to.

This is me and my mom. Check out the trim on her jacket! She made that along with every thing we wore. She was always sewing or making something and shuttling me around to dancing lessons, piano lessons or bible school. She taught me how to sew and create things.

She's never been happy with the decisions I've made for myself and doesn't understand my sense of adventure. She thinks I'm too dangerous and I think she's too cautious. We couldn't be more opposite. I've always wanted to be her friend. It'll never happen--even though I keep trying.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!

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