It's Official! I've bought my own junk!

Well, not really but that's what my husband thinks. I was so happy to find this at St. V's yesterday and was showing Buck my purchase when he said "Hun, that's the one I gave to Goodwill."

Of course, it wasn't the same one because, I argued, HIS didn't have the vintage file folders inside. We both started laughing and now the joke is -- he takes our junk (that's what he calls it--I call it vintage) to Goodwill and I go to St. V's and buy it back! HA!

It must have been metal box day because I saw several others that I now wish I bought for some other books.

The box is now my new Japanese craft library. Each book has it's own file folder. Since I can't read Japanese anyway, it doesn't matter that they're not in alphabetical order!


Robin Green Eye said...

That's a really good idea, I may do that myself, I am getting buried in books.

Anart Island said...

that is so funny!!! I really like your story about buying your own junk!!! I think the same could happen to me...LOL

mo said...

That is hilarious!