Thrifty Fun!

Another visit to St. V's and I'm not disappointed. Look at those cute little vintage Avon bird soaps! The box immediately caught my eye and when I opened it up I found the birdies were still in there! They are definately going to get used now!

I love the craft section and found a bunch of sewing notions, rick rack, buttons to cover, and little vintage thank you notes and greeting cards. They always have a great selection of hand crocheted or tatted doilies which I think would look cool sewn on a bag of some sort or maybe I'll make an apron all out of different doilies. Hummm.....

Oh, yesterday's winner of the Disco Dot Rings is Jen in Indiana! Yay Jen!

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karlanee said...

I forgot about those cute little pink Avon birdy soaps! I still have a bunch of my childhood Avon perfume pins, one of which is that cute little birdie!

What a sweet memorable treasure!