Betsy the Bear

Here she is! It's an overcast day today so the lighting isn't very good on these but I had to share the completion of my first ever project from Hilary's pattern book. If you don't have one, rush on over to her site and buy it! These are easy to put together (even though I screwed up on one arm) and you'll have fun deciding what fabrics to use. I used some linen and fabric I purchased from Kitty Craft. That's a dangerous place to go by the way but full of cute stuff!!

She's wearing her "B" recycled silver necklace that I made for her.

And I can't get enough of these little pink silk flowers with a bead in the middle! I'm really happy with how she turned out and am ecstatic that she won't be ending up on the Island of Misfit Wees!

Well, I'm off to Chicago for a few days so you won't be hearing from me! I'm going to go shop the Miracle Mile!


Jenn said...

amazing! I love her. have a fun trip!

tricia said...

I love the fact that you made her a necklace. How cute!

blair said...

Maize she's so cute! You picked the perfect dress fabric, and that "b" necklace is the perfect touch. Enjoy Chicago, I love that town!

LLA said...

Have a great trip - and travel safely!!!

LittleMissMeshell said...

Oh my, so cute! Her little shoes are just DIVINE *eep* =)) Great job hun!

MissMeshell xox