A Zig Zag scarf

It must be the time of year, 'cause I've been wanting to make scarves and I desire something different than the usual garter stitch pattern. I found this yarn at Walmart and decided to make a zig zag scarf from this free pattern on the web. It's a pattern for beginners, so I wasn't intimidated. It will need to be blocked because the edges tend to curl up, but I think it's going to turn out pretty cute.

I'm also gearing up for Christmas gift making mode. There are so many cute things to make. I'm compiling a list of websites that have free patterns of stuffed animals, clothing and knitting ideas that I'll share with all of you so you can get started too!


bazeblog said...

fun pattern & LOVE the color... i just wanna swim in it!

Laura said...

Ok So this comment is #1 for Maize: can't wait to see the finished scarf! and get those crafty sites.

#2 for bazeblog (if you know her let her know this message is for her): I see you are in Chaing Mai. Some dear wonderful friends of ours lived there for several years and returned recently to the states. by looking at your booklist, i'm wondering if maybe you might have crossed paths. click my icon and it will lead to my blog.