A finished project & thrifty finds!

Remember this? When I was in Mexico this past January learning how to kiteboard, I purchased this printed muslin embroidery piece at a local grocery store. I finished it in two days, which has to be a record for me, however...it took me SIX months to finally turn it into a pillow! I guess I was waiting to find the perfect pink ball fringe. The back is a hot pink suede material. LOVE IT!!

And I'm late in posting today because I was hunting in St. V's. I found this lovely pillow case and a quilted sham. The table runner with the peasant girl is adorable. The hand embroidery is finished, I just need to trim it with bias tape which I managed to find there also. And there's yet another doilie. I guess it's a harmless addiction.

My fave is the little blue ceramic bird. What a score!

Oh, and yesterday's CKT winner is:

Ana in Los Angeles!

Thanks to everyone who entered. I appreciate your kind words!


tricia said...

I love the pillow!

LLA said...

Oh my goodness - how I love the pillow! I can not believe that you did it all in just two days... (I can, however, believe quite easily that it took you 6 months to complete the actual pillow part - that's how things get done around here, too!)

I am so impressed with your embroidery skills - do you have a book or other source that you would recommend to one interested in learning???

OliviaDiane said...

I LOVE the pillow. Now I'm going to have to learn to embroider!