This isn't an advertisement for Lion Brand Yarns. I just wanted to share with you this cute little old lady who visits my email box every Friday. She's Lola and she's Lion Brand's current cartoon. It's called "Laugh with Lola" and every week in my Lion Brand email newsletter she shows up in a comic strip. She's cute and she does make me chuckle! For some reason, the link isn't working for this week's comic. I think you have to be an email subscriber to see it. I wanted to share it with you but, oh well.

The newsletter also includes a new stitch to practice. It's a great idea, if I only had more time. Their site is packed with free patterns so there's a lot of inspiration for holiday gifts.

I did purchase their new ruffle yarn and can't wait to stitch up a scarf with it. Hopefully, it'll arrive next week.

Thanks for your comments on Miss Tilly. She wasn't planned. She was born from scraps. I just started stitching one night and she's what happened. I'll have to do it more often and see what happens.


LLA said...

I also recently joined the Lion Yarn email list - and am thoroughly enjoying it.

I am very interested to know your review of the Ruffle yarn, after you've worked with it. I thought that it looked intriguing....

Anonymous said...

Lion Brand also has an gorgeous catalog that you'll get in the mail if you subscribe. I was so impressed.