Teacup Candles

This isn't anything new, Martha has it featured in her latest Holiday magazine, but I've been wanting to make some for quite a while. Visits to Goodwill, St. V's and Value Village contributed to the teacup supply. I don't claim to be a candle making expert, but I can tell you something I learned when I made these last night.

I noticed a small indentation by the wick once the candle had set, which can be avoided if
you save a bit of the wax. Remelt it and pour it in the cups after they've dried. It will cover up the indentation.

I chose the periwinkle color for the wax and sugar cookie for the scent. I'm going to cover little matchboxes, just like Martha suggested and I'm hoping to find something cute to wrap the gifts in. I haven't decided yet what it will be.

I think they're adorable. My total cost for the project which yielded nine teacup candles, is $31.00. $3.50 per gift is a bargain and I'm sure the recipients will love them!

Some of you have requested pics of the house and I promise they're coming soon as soon as we get some sunny days. We've been experiencing some terrible rainy weather and it's dark and grey, so getting good pictures is almost impossible. Photoshop helps, but I'm still not able to get pictures I'd want to share.

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June said...

The teacup candles are a great gift idea and look lovely. I've been wanting to try this project, too, but just haven't gotten around to it for some reason. I'm glad you let me know that it does indeed work and comes out really nice.