This new book arrived in the mail last week. I love the title. There are a lot of designers in the book that you'll recognize...Carly Schwerdt, Rosa Pomar, & Kate Sutton to name a few.

Using flower petals as eyes crack me up!

I have six yards of corduroy from a doomed project and now I know what I'm going to use it for. Gremlins!

The book is very colorful and packed with projects, but.....I was a bit disappointed only a few patterns were included. The rest require you to trace over the picture and then have them enlarged. But, for $10 it's worth it and would also make a great gift for someone who likes to make softies.

It stopped raining enough for me to get in my walk this morning. I'm hoping it will hold off for a few more days so we can get the graphics on the Mommy Mobile. It's going to be touring south after Thanksgiving and should end up in Arizona some time in late February! More details to follow...


OliviaDiane said...

I'll be watching for your arrival in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

This book looks so great :) I love the pictures ! Smooches from Belgium ! Didine