Make a belt!

This is from the book I purchased yesterday. Love the colors! I thought I'd share an easy project from the book. How to make a belt. Very easy and it's a project that will lure you away from ANS tv. (You know who I mean--it's out of control!)
Measure your waist (or hip, depending on how you plan to wear the belt) and add eight inches. Double the total amount. That's how much trim you'll need along with two metal, plastic or wooden rings.

Fold the entire length of trim in half. The double thickness will make a firm, unwrinkled belt that will look attractive on both sides. Slip the rings between the layers and secure them at the folded end by stitching across the width of the belt.

Pin the layers together along the length leaving 1/2 inch free at the tail end. Stitch very close to the edges either by machine or by hand, using an overcasting stitch. Other decorative hand stiches may be used.
Fringed edge: Pull a few threads from the two loose ends of the tail to form a narrow self-fringed edge.

Finished edge: Fold both ends of the tail in towards each other and machine stitch or slip stitch by hand.

It's done!

Tomorrow: It's Comfort Food Friday!


angela said...

Okay - what am I missing? What is ANS tv???

Anonymous said...

Also known as the drugged out blond bimbo.