Vintage Sewing Book

A couple of years ago, I purchased one of these for my daughter. I ran across another one this morning at St. V's and nabbed it for myself. I suggest that if you ever find one to buy it. It's a binder full of patterns, sewing advice and colorful illustrations which I find simply adorable. I mean, c'mon...look at the cover! I'm going to share some of it with you, maybe even a simple pattern or two. This was published in 1972, my era....eek!

Oh, and the winner of yesterday's Crafty Karma is:

Daniella in Sweden!


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Anonymous said...

Oh I just love that book too! I got one a couple of months ago. For some reason, ever since I got into my 40's, I've been really liking the 70's style (YIKES!) I guess its an effort to relive childhood or something.