Picture Story Cut-Outs

I snuck into my local St. V's this morning and I found these great vintage cards which teachers used waaaay back in the 1920s. Pretty cool huh? They were used to help children write stories. I think they'd make great freezer paper stencils. Since I have one for every month, I'll be sharing them with you as each month goes by.

Oh, but you don't care do you? You wanna know who won Bunny Bob. Wow! I was overwhelmed with entries and thank you for all the Bunny Bob and blog love. I really appreciate it. And, for those of you who inquired about the bob wrist pincushions, yes I'll be putting them up on Etsy for purchase very soon. I'm not going to start producing these all the time, but I will be offering one of a kind creations in the future and the inventory will change quite frequently.

Ok. So on with it.......The winner is........Diane in Austin! Congrats to you! Bunny Bob is hopping down the trail to you today!

Thanks to all of you who entered. There'll be another Crafty Karma again next month!

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June said...

I love the picture story cut-out idea. The pictures would indeed work great for stencils but I also think they would be good for cutting out of felt to use for a children's felt storyboard. Since you have them for all the months, it would be a great way for a child to make a felt board display for that month.