Wrist Candy

We had a freaky little snowstorm here yesterday afternoon which forced me to turn up the furnace. But, let not your heart be troubled 'cause all I have to do is purchase carbon offsets and I'll get a pass! Lucky for me, I don't have a 10,000 sq. ft. house! :-)

Anyway...see what I mean? When I start making stuff, I churn it out like a factory. Who on earth needs 1/2 dozen wrist pincushions? Well, normally what I do is send an assortment of stuff I make as Christmas gifts to my outlaws. Ya know, those people you're related to by marriage? But, the "thank you" card I received this year told me not to send anything any more, so into the box they go. Maybe I'll put them on Etsy with some of my Sprout pins. The little girl in me is tempted to wear one as a bracelet!

Well, I have some pictures I need to take now that the sun is finally out!

Ooo, tomorrow is Comfort Food Friday #3!


bellaconda said...

Maize, those are adorable. I love the color combinations! You should definitely sell those on Etsy instead of giving them to some undeserving ingrates, eh, inlaws.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Told you not to send anymore? OMG! I cannot even begin to imagine telling YOU not to send me some of your wonderful goodness!!

So...what do you think about adopting me as your Sister in Law???

Mara-May* said...

Oh now now dear not to fret. Those adorable things do not have to go in a box... Just pack them up and ship them over. ;)Trust me I could never have enough of the cuteness you make!!!!
I should slap whoever was so ungrateful to send out a thank you note as such. Fooey on them.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, don't the outlaws (love that- mind if I borrow it?) make the Holidays that much brighter? They definitely have their ways...


PS- they are the cutest pin cushions I have seen in a long time!!!

Martha said...

those are too cute. you need to sell them or tell us how to make them.