Bobs b Pins

Thanks for all of your ideas yesterday for my little felt bobs. These ended up as pins. I like the mobile idea too as we have some friends who are having a baby and these would be colorful and cute to hang in a nursery. I'm also going to make some baby booties from this pattern. Oh man, I hope I don't get a wild hair and start producing tons of those!

It's weird, but if I create something I really like I'll just keep making them over and over and over until I tire of it then move on to something else. It's a sickness... I'm sure of it. I have a box in the cupboard underneath the stairs that's full of stuff I've stitched up and have never given to anyone. It's like a little chest of treasures I look at every so often. Strange.

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Anonymous said...

They turned out so sweet and cute! Makes me think of Spring...

They would look so cute as hairpins too!!! (May be too heavy?) Lovin them!