Mademoiselle Mannequin

Here she is! My new mannequin Bridgette! Humor me and pronounce it "Breejeet" ---with a French accent please.

I've been wanting a vintage mannequin and stumbled on this site which detailed how you can create a mannequin with a vintage look. I was so grateful to find a tutorial on how to make this. The only thing she left out was the suppliers for all the materials, so I've gathered them all for you-- just in case you want to make one for yourself.

This lady comes with the stand too! I sanded it to look rough, just like the instructions told me to. You can order one from Ebay here. They're $49 plus $19 for Fed Ex shipping. The French stamp on her neck can be found here.

The only thing I don't like about it is the neck cap, which is a bit wonky. But, it'll do. And, I wanted more of a tea stained look, so after the paint and the glaze, I used a wet foam paintbrush and a Distressed ink pad in "vintage photo" color and sponged it over the top.

I decided to photograph some of the flowers I made from Blair's tutorial. This one was made with some vintage fabric I bought at the auction last week. The fabric on the button is thrifted.

Here's another one made with Heather Bailey's Freshcut fabric.

And, yet another one made with some Japanese material Blair sent me in a swap last year. When I make stuff, I never make JUST ONE. Oh no. I've have to make a bunch so I can literally make them in my sleep.

And, now I go a bit "Diamond Lil" on her. My grandfather used to call me Diamond Lil 'cause I'd raid my grandmother's jewelry box and wear every piece of costume jewelry she had.

I'm a bit jealous of Bridgette and her classy figure. Ahh well. I'll have fun dressing her up and dreaming that I have a great figure like her. She can be my muse.

Tomorrow's the big birthday bash. Make sure you show up so you can enter to win somethin' cool that I've made. See ya!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

She is just lovely! However, your pretties make her even more so!

oldflowers4me said...

oh my, your lucky im still standing, i love what you have done- go girl. love jo. p.s dont forget to put your lipstick on.

Stacy said...

Wow. I especially am drawn to that butterfly embellishment. Did you make that??? Have a happy day tomorrow...

Holly said...

This is the coolest thing!
I have a fairly sad dress form stuck on a piece of wobbly pvc pipe. This is so much better! Just ordered a mannequin to antique! I think she shall be! Monique!

June said...

Bridgette est fantastique et beau!