YIKES!! Body found in our backyard...

I had a really great birthday yesterday. It hit an all time high of 82 degrees here and I was lovin' every minute of it. I took the ferry to Seattle to pick up my new Nikon D40. I also purchased a macro lens, so I'm feeling all grown up now with this Big Girl camera.

It's quite a lot of camera for me too. I'm not used to using different lenses and since I'm technologically retarded, I get frustrated really easy. But, I'm lucky because Buck took photography in college and knows a ton about cameras and all the lingo too. He even had a darkroom once and developed his own photographs. Hopefully, with his help, I'll get this thing figured out.

When I returned home, Buck was in the back yard doin' yard work....bless his heart. He LOVES yard work, laundry and cleaning. I'm soooo lucky! Anyway, he found a body buried underneath a bunch of brush so I had to take a picture of it with my new camera. Isn't she scary lookin?! Max wanted a piece of her in the worst way. He loves dollies and will rip them to shreds in a matter of minutes.

We're going to be heading out to San Francisco on Saturday to continue the birthday celebration. Ya see, Buck & I have birthdays just 10 days apart, well... 1 year and 10 days apart. Yeah, I married a younger man. His birthday is the 25th and we always do something together to celebrate. We'll be running the Bay to Breakers race on Saturday. It's kinda crazy but a lot of fun. We're also hoping to take a trip out to Alcatraz. I've always wanted to go. Hey! I'll be able to practice with the new camera. Yippee!

Well, I'm sure I'm boring you. Here's the winner of the giveaway yesterday. Thanks so much to all of you who entered! I really appreciated your birthday wishes. And don't forget that I give something away every month...on a random Tuesday.

Melissa in Berkeley California!
Your gift is heading to you today along with a surprise!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

A new camera! YAY!!

And congrats Melissa...lucky girl!

I am so sorry about the corpse *snickers* and I am glad you had a good b-day!

Mandi said...

Hey that looks like a rugrate from nickoledon. Hehehehe! Let Max eat it to shredds.

LLA said...


I'm not usually a fan of the doll, under the best of circumstances. But that? Truly horrifying... I'm having the heebiee jeebies just lookin' at it...

(I wonder if it used to be Angelica???)

charlottalove said...

It totally is Angelica from The RugRats. She was scary as a cartoon. Eii Eii Eii on digging her up in your backyard.

Happy Birthday!

Sarah and Jack said...

That is one scary looking Angelica.