I spent last Saturday shopping in Poulsbo and getting a pedicure. What a beautiful day it was! Poulsbo is just up the road from my little town and is heavily influenced by the Scandinavians. Can't you tell?

CoCo is one of my favorite shops in Poulsbo. Every time I visit, I have to stop in and say "hi!"

This is Kay, the owner of the shop. She's really nice. I like her. She's really nice. Oh, yeah...I said that already.

I've always, always wanted to have my own store even though I know it's hard work.

I could play here all day!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet town and great photos! I could do some serious damage in a store like CoCo- it's gorgeous!

est said...

fun store to visit!

jenny holiday said...

Oooh this shop looks fantastic! The town looks like a great place to visit too!!

xoxo Jenny