DIY Cake Platters

I couldn't resist making one of these cupcake platters, or cake platters or whatever you call them. There's a tutorial for them here. Very easy. What I like about it is mixing vintage glass plates with vintage glass goblets. You could experiment with different colored goblets and plates too.

They're great for a display in your booth or around your house or studio. I thought it looked wonderful with a recent purchase of thrifted silk thread. Just find a plate and goblet that fit and use clear glass glue to attach the goblet to the plate. Let is dry 24 hours before using. Love it. This is a great Reinvintage project!


Gracie said...

Oh what a great idea! I went to the link to see the tutorial and I have seen something similar on craftster. Anyway, lovely blog =)


Anonymous said...

Ooohhh... a new reason to hit the goodwill/flea markets. Thanks you for sharing!!!