Handmade by Maize

Well, you've encouraged me to sell my handmade creations which are currently sitting in a big box. All of those bob pins, felt hearts, and linen Bunny Bob and cabbage pins along with a bunch of other stuff I make is going in my Etsy shop. I've renamed it Handmade by Maize. These are one of a kind creations and I won't be reproducing them. I'm trying to get the pictures finished and I'll let you know when everything is in the shop.

I'm supposin' the trip to Japan really kicked me into a high level of creativity. I've been like a wild woman around here with all the ideas swimmin' around in my pea sized brain. So much to make, so little time....

If you're ever in a creative rut, just take a vacation, go camping or visit another city or country somewhere. It always works for me!

I'll have a great new DIY coming...stay tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

Yipee! Can't wait. Just don't tell Artie if I buy your stuff... let him THINK I made it! hee, hee.
Love, Esther

June said...

I think those little "ticket" handmade cards are as cute as they can be. I'll keep an eager eye out for your DIY project.

Anonymous said...

Now, wait. Did I just read on my blog that you may be coming over to visit! Yes, Yes, Yes (fist pumping air)! When? I'll be gone to visit my M & D in Cali for a week starting 8/8... make sure ya'll plan around that, for goodness sakes! :)
Love Esther