I *heart* my new pillow!

I went on a sewing binge this weekend. This pillow is 20x20 and is made with a thrifted wool blanket and angora sweater. I love it!

I also cut up a bunch of vintage fabric calendars and made them into tote bags. It's raining today and I'm unable to get a good shot of them. Hopefully, tomorrow.

And....Levi's football team WON the League Championship this past Friday night!!! They are undefeated and will play this weekend for the District Championship. I'm crossin' my fingers, legs and toes and praying they win!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Yeah Levi!! and Levi's team!!

That is a sweet pillow!

MaMa said...

I really like your heart pillow - the colors are great. I would love to see the totes you made. I picked up a bunch of vintage handkerchefs at a quilt show for a quarter a piece & was wonder what to do with them. Pillows perhaps, I don't really want to cut them up.

Esther Sunday said...

Love the pillow. Please report, and very quickly, on the tote bags. Levi - the wee stud muffin.
Love, Esther

charlotta-love said...

absolutely adorable!

Junie Moon said...

Your heart pillow is wonderful--I love that you recycled materials to make it, too.