It was chocolate dippin' time in our house yesterday. I'm trying to get ahead of the game and get a few things done early.

I bought a bunch of King Leo peppermint sticks (Walmart 88 cents a bag) to dip in chocolate. They're my favorite because they're soft and great for hot chocolate. They'll be bagged up and packaged in Martha's gingerbread box houses. I was going to give you a link to the boxes but they must be very popular and sold out as she's taken them down from her craft site!

Note that the almond bark is now trans fat free so I guess that makes it good!

I went to K-mart, my least favorite store, to check out Martha's Christmas stuff and found these big barrels of pretzel sticks. They're perfect for chocolate dipping also.

I always have a hard time getting the almond bark to melt just right on the stove top, so this year I decided to melt it at 160 in the oven. It melted much better and it didn't crystallize. This would be a fun thing to make with your kids too. Anytime you dip stuff in chocolate is fun!

I'm also making a huge batch of my coco nut balls which are basically a heart attack pill. You can find the recipe here. YUMMY!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm....that looks so yummy!

Get a lemon and roll it around really well. Then, cut a slit in it and stick in one of those peppermint sticks and suck the juice out.

Can I be your neighbor?

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmm... I wish I lived at your house! And I'm sorry, but the heart attack waiting-to-happen foods are just the best!!! Nope, no health nut here... I'm off to get stuff for your coco nut balls! yummy!

The Fabric Bolt said...

Hmmmm.....I read your post and headed out the wal-mart before picking up the kids and no sticks! But they didn't have much in the way of candies. I'm going to keep a keen eye out for those. One year I got a tin at Restoration Hardware for an outrageous price. Poster above is right about the lemon and sticks. They sell those every year at the kids elementary school during the Faire. Kids love them! Love your ideas!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I HIGHLY recommend you get yourself a chocolate fountain and dip everything that way. SOOOO EASY and then, when you're done, you can stick your tongue in! :-)

I blogged about Chocolate Fountain Friday at my house recently. There is a pic of the fountain we have as well!


Maize Hutton said...

I gotta try the lemon trick this year. That sounds awesome!!!
I found my peppermint sticks at the Super Walmart, but I'm sure the smalerl Walmarts will have them in the Christmas candy aisle. King LEO ROCKS! Also, I saw the Dollar Tree stores are selling the BIG King Leo peppermint sticks for 2 for a Buck.
Humm...I'm afraid if I purchased that Chocolate Fountain it'd become a centerpiece on my kitchen table and Buck would think of all types of things to dip into it...some which are NOT G-rated!!!!